ONLY*****$20 Per Household*****

“King or Queen of the Jungle”
Saturday, 4/24/2021
@5:30pm PST

Please join us for some VIRTUAL Paint, Sip & Release Fun! We thank you in advance for supporting our small business that has had to close during this difficult time! God Bless You!

You will receive a message prior to the event as to where you need to go for the “Party”!

If you can’t find the canvasses you can use paper, poster board, cardboard, a wall, anything at all.It’s more for the support and the experience. 😃

Here’s a tip:If you guys plan to do multiple paintings with us in the future , you may want to invest in larger bottles of paint.🎨 👩🏽‍🎤

Here are the links to order the supplies from Michael’s:

If you truly enjoy painting plan to do more virtual events with us then we’d like to suggest that you invest in bigger bottles of paint.

Unfortunately we have no idea when we will be back in our beautiful studio—but studio or no studio, we aren’t going anywhere.

Thank you again for supporting AT2A Paint & Sip

You can purchase supplies in store or use the links below to order. 

The links below are only suggested products. Please be sure that you are purchasing the size canvas that you want.
*****Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are now open ****You can also try Amazon and Walmart & Target. Com

Supplies for “single” painter use click link below:

For multiple people or sessions click links below: 


7 Pack of Canvases
(These are the smaller canvases)
Please be sure to check the web-site for your preferred size.


Paint with Brushes

VIRTUAL EVENT | “King or Queen of The Jungle” | Sat, 4/17/21 | 5:30-7:30pm PST


    A Toast 2 Artistry is so much more than Paint and Sip; it's release, laughter, love, peace, joy and hope! 

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